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Artigues | Sant Adrià is a Barcelona Metro line 2 station located in the neighbourhood of the same name of Badalona. In spite of what the latter part of the name suggests, it's not located in Sant Adrià del Besòs and the tag Badalona was added to all signalisation in the station in order to avoid confusion. It can be accessed from Carretera de Santa Coloma and from Avinguda de Joan XXIII.

The first Artigues | Sant Adrià station was opened on 22 April 1985 by the name Joan XXIII, when Barcelona Metro line 4 opened its platforms with the extension of this line from La Pau to Pep Ventura stations. On 1 October 2003, the Barcelona Metro line 4 section from La Pau to Pep Ventura was transferred to Barcelona Metro line 2 and because of this change, the station was rehabilited and adapted for disabled persons by installing escalators and elevators. Also changed the name of the station to Artigues | Sant Adrià.

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